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4 4 4 disheartened souls dedicated 2 2 2 creating a new underground community in Winnipeg.

| The Meaning of “Styx City”

Tartarus is the place that we call home. It is undeniable that we are a city of lost souls all of us searching for the light. We are still the murder capital. the river styx is never full. The whole city is submerged in the styx - in the filth, but yet we continue to thrive.


The Winnipeg music community has seen too much separation. 

Music is art. Music is expression. But music is also community.

Whether it’s modern rap, old school hip-hop, metal, RnB, Alternative, or pop - We all must strive for a better future in the Styx. 

People need us (musicians,artists) more than ever. We need each other more than ever. All the separation within and between communities/genres must stop and we must all come together to burn down the past and create our new dawn! The Styx City Cult is dedicated to making this happen.

We will unite the city. 

Every artist deserves a platform and an outlet. We will host the minimum of one show per month. We will soon be creating platforms on youtube and various social media outlets. to find out more information or inquire about performing at a Styx City Cult show contact :

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